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Human Capital

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Human Capital Management

The ProAction Group is pleased to announce its exclusive partnership with the Human Resource Consulting Group (HRCG). Led by Dr. Steve Julius, HRCG helps companies develop and leverage the value of their human capital through executive assessment, transition management, leadership development, and human resource capability enhancement.

Evaluating and developing talent is an important part of investment success. In helping good companies achieve even better results, there is always an organizational development component. We believe our HRCG partnership complements our operating services and gives ProAction the opportunity to bring unique value to our private equity clients.

Pre-Acquisition Assessment

Prior to acquisition, evaluating management talent is especially difficult. The process is tightly structured, access is controlled, and the executives are typically well-coached. During this phase, we can help clients gain insight into critical leadership issues before completing a deal. ProAction can provide a framework to organize and synthesize initial impressions from the deal team into a competency-based format. We also offer in-depth executive assessments to provide our clients an evaluation edge.

The ProAction/HRCG partnership offers proven methods for evaluating talent and assessing important traits. Plus, our approach to each engagement is specifically tailored to our client’s investment thesis. ProAction works with each client to define the key leader competencies and management skills required for the management team to meet their business goals within their projected business scope. We then assess individuals and/or teams within the context of these success factors.

During due diligence, ProAction also can assess a company’s human resource processes and infrastructure. A comprehensive assessment during the pre-acquisition phase can lay the foundation for enhanced success post-acquisition.

100-Day Plan

Post-deal, the first three months of ownership set the tone for the newly acquired company’s success trajectory. Whether the CEO is an entrepreneur unaccustomed to formal over-site or a savvy manager striving to propel growth while establishing a more accountable culture, ProAction can develop key initiatives to smooth the transition and drive buy-in. We also assist management in communicating with employees, customers and suppliers about the change in ownership in order to maintain a productive “business as usual” pace.

In helping good companies achieve even better results, there is always an organizational development component. Our goal is to foster a highly productive, effective workforce. ProAction’s services include recruitment and talent acquisition, accountability and compensation systems, 360� reviews, and professional development. A robust Human Capital Management System is a competitive advantage and key differentiator for our clients.

Successful Leadership

Even the best executives have areas where they could continuously improve. ProAction’s Leadership Development Programs enable leaders to reach their full potential, boost team effectiveness, and create winning cultures through one-on-one coaching. We believe succession planning is a critical element of a sound leadership development strategy. We help build world class organizations, developing executives who are leaders in their industries.

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