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Tim Van Mieghem Podcast Speaker: Part 2 – The Value of Business Intelligence: Understanding and Measuring Operational Issues

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The second part of Tim Van Mieghem’s interview with Jack and his team at Nestell Associates’ podcast, focuses on helping companies actually leverage their ERP systems.  In this episode, we talk about measuring operational issues!

Listen to: Episode 14, Part 2 here.

Timely and accurate visibility to operational data is a significant competitive differentiator. This episode discusses how to turn data into insight that is actionable. We discuss many people, process, and technological influences that help ensure organizational business intelligence availability and alignment.

ProAction helps companies identify improvement opportunities through data-based evidence, which fosters organizational support for change.  We also explore the challenge of strategic decision making with Tim.

If you missed Part 1, you can listen here.

Nestell Associates Podcast Homepage: https://nestellassociates.com/podcast-home/

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