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Next-Level Financial Advisory Services

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Author: Jeff Cismoski, Founding Partner, Xartis Group

Business owners everywhere appreciate their most valuable commodity is time, and their time and attention are best utilized on aspects of the business that create revenue. Oftentimes, this most valuable use of business time is hijacked dealing with other essential aspects of business ownership (and quite frankly the complexity of life). It becomes easy to be bogged down with other essentials such as managing family peace for those in the business, tax planning (business, personal and other entities), administration of employee benefits, estate planning and asset protection – as well as generating true wealth outside of business.

The solution to maintaining focus is often solved with a host of business advisors such as a CPA, attorney, bookkeeper, bankers, and investment advisors. Collectively, these advisors provide sage and critical advice, however none of these advisors are aligned or compensated in a way that looks at a holistic view of the business and personal financial affairs.

The best approach is usually a holistic one that takes the whole picture into consideration and orchestrates each of the activities to maximize outcomes. Business owners seeking flexibility with their time and resources, confidence in their plans and unbounded control over their future need next-level financial services – they need Financial Concierge.

The role of the Financial Concierge is to serve as the head of your business advisory team. They work with you to understand the needs and the goals and work independently or collectively with the additional advisors to maximize the team output. The structure, scale and scope of utilizing a Financial Concierge should be completely customizable to the business owner, and a true 360-degree approach to their business, lifestyle and personal needs. The range of activities run the gamut of strategic planning to tactical credit coordination and negotiation. It’s whatever is needed whenever it’s needed.

Bottom line – The goal of a Financial Concierge is to give the business owner structure, flexibility, clarity, and peace of mind – and most importantly, time.

Jeff Cismoski is a Founding Partner of Xartis Group. Xartis Group provides transparency and financial advisory services. Financial advisory is much more than investment strategies, risk profiles, and market returns. Xartis provides the path forward. Each client is important and unique in their journey, with unique goals, concerns, and limitations. To learn more visit xartisgroup.com or contact Jeff at jcismoski@xartisgroup.com.

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