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It’s Groundhog Day!

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Whether the groundhog sees its shadow is fun!  When it seems like the same events happen again and again in your business…not so much fun.


It’s February 2, and weathermen everywhere delight in sharing the annual prediction of when spring will come.  Whether it is February 2 or not, Groundhog Day is also a way to describe a situation in which events that have happened before happen again, in what seems to be exactly the same way.

In our line of work, providing fractional and interim CFO talent to companies, we are often called when business leaders approach the end of a quarter lacking the financials to drive business decisions.  These concerns include:

•       Unreliable forecasts of revenue, profits, and cash flow

•       Insufficient information being provided to make critical business decisions

•       Accounting personnel underqualified for the positions they hold

•       Vacancy in one or more financial leadership positions

•       Staff lacking clarity of purpose and sense of urgency

•       Management and Board reports focusing on data without providing business insights or recommendations

•       Lack of preparation for planned or desired M&A activity

•       Broken or challenged relationships between business and PE firm, bankers, auditors, or other finance-related stakeholders

If this sounds like the Groundhog Day you are experiencing, please contact us.  We provide organizations financial leadership with a strategic and operational focus by placing elite CFO talent to challenge the business and contribute to operational decisions to achieve results.

With our curated talent, we partner with Private Equity firms, business advisories, and directly with small and medium-sized businesses to address complex financial problems to mitigate risk and achieve organizational goals.

Whether the Groundhog sees its shadow or not, we can make it feel like Springtime for your organization.

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