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VoIP Phone Service: 7 Reasons to Choose Open One Over the ‘Big Guys’

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If you’re reading this, chances are that your business already has a VoIP phone service. But are you…

  • Unhappy with the service?

  • Frustrated with the continual price increases?

  • Sick of being locked into lengthy contracts ?

  • Angry at the lack of care or understanding from customer service?

  • Tired of spending hours talking to tech support with no real solutions?

Perhaps you are nodding your head in agreement to all the above. The good news is: You have other choices—and good ones at that.

You might be thinking of switching to another company but can’t bear the thought of the hours you’ll have to spend trying to set up the phone system and get it working the way you want it to.

We Understand Your Frustration

Did you know that you can get what you’re looking for in a VoIP phone service for your business—big or small? And it won’t cost you an arm, leg or your firstborn? Better yet, you won’t have to install it.

No, we aren’t kidding. You can get all that and more by switching to Open One.

Let’s look at all the reasons why you should switch to Open One so you can stop spending your valuable time messing with your phone system and start concentrating on your business!

#1) We Consider Your Company’s Needs FIRST

What good does it do to sign up for a VoIP phone service only to discover that it won’t do A, B or C that you need it to?  Too many of the big players in telecom rely on a cookie-cutter, one-package-fits-all approach that can be detrimental to your business if you don’t “fit.”

At Open One, we take the time to listen and understand the unique needs of your company. We know the telecom world inside and out, so we can offer phones, plans and custom configurations that will do what you want and need. We will help you design the perfect set up, whether it involves cloud-based security platforms or just a simple VoIP system. You get all of this plus the option for added perks like having a live person answer your phones 24/7.  Just try getting that kind of attention to detail from the big guys.

#2) We Handle All the Details on Every Level

You won’t need to deal separately with a VoIP provider, internet provider, and then a network security company. We can do it all! We know which service providers excel in which areas. We will take care of every detail so you can do what you do best: running your business.

#3) Open One Has No Lengthy Contracts

Too many big companies today lure you in with a super low price and then, like a frog in a boiling pot, they increase their prices bit by bit until you are ready to scream! Worse still, you can’t do anything about it because you are locked into a lengthy contract that will cost you a pretty penny should you decide to break it.

At Open One, we don’t believe in lengthy contracts. We believe that if you are happy with your service, you will want to continue. No arm twisting required.

#4) An Honest-to-Goodness Return Policy

We know that a lot of companies offer some type of return policy, but if you try to use it, they stick you with restocking or reshipping fees. There’s also the problem of trying to back out of your contract. Even if the company didn’t deliver what was promised, they stick you with a huge cancellation fee.

We don’t believe in that. We offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked, return policy. If you’re not happy with our services, we’ll take the entire system back at no charge. We can offer this because it’s the right way to do business. We also know you’re going to love your new system. Believe us, you’ll wish you had switched sooner.

#5) No Surprise Charges

We offer a month-to-month contract with NO hidden fees, and we often save clients new clients 15 percent to 65 percent on their VoIP service fees. Want to see how much money you could send directly to your bottom line? Our experts will be happy to look over your current service and explain how much you can save by switching to Open One.

At Open One, we aren’t trying to lure you with the lowest prices. We are upfront and honest. That’s what we would want so that’s what we give.

#6) No DIY Setup

Perhaps one of the most time-consuming (and frustrating) things about working with the buy guys is that they drop ship the phones to you and expect you to set up the entire system yourself.

At Open One, we deliver the system, set it up and train your team on how to use the new phone system. Say goodbye to watching online videos or trying to find the answer you need buried in a user forum. You get to talk to real people right there in your office. Imagine how much time and frustration this alone will save you and your employees.

#7) We Are Here if You Want Changes Made

Did you know that account managers at big telecom companies last an average of 6 months? So even though they’re your buddy today, don’t expect them to be there in a few months when you need to make changes or are having problems with the system.

Here at Open One, we will always be as your company grows and changes. We’re a locally owned and operated business, so we have a vested interest in long-term relationships and your success. Whether you need to change extensions, upgrade your phones or move to a different location, we’ll be there to handle it all for you.

The Bottom Line

We want to be your telecom partner for your business. We have more than 20-years of experience and we will be with you from beginning to end and anytime along the way.

Let the experts at Open One customize a VoIP phone service that is designed to work with your business—whether you have 10 employees or 10,000. We can guarantee you the best phone system, the latest technology, call clarify and superior customer and technical service.

Want to know more? Contact us today for a free consultation so you can get back to business and leave your telecom needs to us: 312-780-1010.

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